Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Unwanted Graffiti Can Actually Be Removed Without Much Fuss

Long before the rise of more sophisticated means of advertising and public campaign, one of the fastest ways of public campaign was through graffiti. Graffiti involves writing or painting some images and letters on properties such as building, trains etc.

For many building owners and private property owners, graffiti can be a very annoying thing that not only defaces and devalues properties but also serve as a type of imposed vandalism. They are now trying to hire professional painting service to get rid of this problem.

Meanwhile, it even gets more bothersome to think of the amount of effort and time that needs to be expended trying to remove these unwanted paintings and drawings on one’s wall and building.
Interestingly, not only has private building owners become more concerned about this nuisance value, government and regulators are now more vociferous against the defacing of public facilities and properties because such usually takes a toll on tourism as well as environmental planning.
Graffiti removal technique has, therefore, become very important in recent times, especially when it takes little time and effort to do. There are various safe methods of removing graffiti that would leave the building or structure as good as before.

Some of the best graffiti removal method includes sandblasting, pressure washing and some other safe chemical processes that will completely dissolve the spray paint that was used.
In order to complete the process of graffiti removal, it is very imperative to use a protective coating that will allow an easier removal process if any other graffiti is done in the future. 

Fortunately, there are many graffiti removal specialists that offer to professionally remove graffiti at a very affordable price, so it shouldn't be much of a headache.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Industrial Coating Can Offer More Protection, But How Can?

Commercial fit out coating is increasingly becoming more appreciated than it used to be, the money spent on broken down industrial equipment and other industrial installations can often have a tight choke on the expenses of large commercial and manufacturing organizations.

Industrial equipment is usually subjected to several harsh conditions in the environment in which it is located. Often times this equipment are subjected to caustic processes which may cause corrosion and in turn damage the structural integrity as well as the physical condition of the equipment.

Commertial fitout sydney

Epoxy floor paint is therefore designed to provide industrial equipment with the required protection from the forces of nature and mechanical wear and tear process, it gives high strength coating which will help provide longevity for equipment and the facility in which they are located.

Industrial floor coatings are often used on other components apart from industrial equipment, it is also used for corrosion controls on steel structures like bridges, offshore installations, underground pipelines among several others. 

office fitout

Apart from corrosion control, epoxy coating is normally known for, it's intumescing coatings for fire resistance.

A commercial coating is made of several chemical substances like Xylan dry film lubricants, Ethyl Acetate and reinforcing thermoses polyimide. Modern developments have now allowed these coatings to add aesthetic value to materials on which it is painted. For these works, you can only rely on the most trusted and experienced commercial fit out service providers and get the best job done.

Interestingly, not only are equipment and steel materials protected from dangerous corrosion, workers in these industries or locations where corrosion may occur are also allowed the peace of mind knowing that they are safe from debris and corrosive accumulation that may endanger their lives.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Welcome to Priority One Coatings!

Meets and exceed industry standards at all stages of the coating process

residential painting

The most important part of any coating job is what lies under the surface. Without the appropriate preparation, the finish will soon deteriorate quickly. We make sure all our surfaces are washed down, cleaned and treated appropriately. Provide a written maintenance programme that will keep the work looking great into the future. We work closely with Dulux Paints and liaise regularly on jobs.

Painting Company Sydney – Industrial Coatings – Commercial Fitouts

Priority One Coatings - an experienced and acquainted painting company in Sydney, brings valuable skills and attention to quality in commercial, office and industrial coatings particularly the delicate areas of hospitals, education and pharmaceutical plants. We do not compromise on inferior products; only use low VOC products with Material Safety Data Sheets available for all products used in our jobs. We are a Dulux accredited painter and a long-standing member of the Master Painters Association.
We have a highly qualified team of painting professionals especially for industrial coatings work who have been employed by the company for over ten years. They have extensive experience in working to minimize disruption to business including night time and weekend work. Our teams of employees are highly trained and have had the necessary background checks to enable security for our clients. All our staffs are easily identified as they wear our crested uniforms. They are friendly, neat, polite and always comply with our customers’ requirements. Priority One Coatings has invested large amounts of money in an OH&S system that each of our men is accredited. We employ only highly skilled and licenced painters so we can maintain a high standard of work.
We have a large client base of Fit-out Companies and Builders that we work directly for and have repeat business. We also work closely with a Colour Consultant who can relieve the stress of finishes and colour choices.

House Painting Services – Painting Houses – Residential Units

Our highly qualified team of employees offer a personal service unique to our industry. Our team will complete all quoted works in a timely manner, leaving your home each day clean and tidy and with minimal disruption. Our team of employees are highly trained and have had the necessary background checks to enable security for our clients.

Graffiti Removal Contractors – Anti Graffiti Coatings Sydney

Lead paint removal

Graffiti is an unwelcome type of vandalism for many homeowners and businesses. It can have devastating and costly effects on those having to deal with its removal. Graffiti removal is both times consuming and can also damage your coating system if harsh chemicals are used. We at Priority One Coatings offer a cost-effective surface protection system that will allow any graffiti to be removed with just soap and pressure washing. This is the best way to deter graffiti vandals is by investing in our system.
Priority One Coatings takes great care when removing graffiti from your building. We remove graffiti from all surfaces including paint, glass and any other surfaces that have been the target of graffiti vandals. Our team will remove the ugly graffiti either by sandblasting, pressure washing and then apply a specialist anti-graffiti coat system suitable for the substrate to deter the graffiti being repeated.
We offer a regular programmed maintenance to institutes such as Councils, Hospitals with a 24 hour turnaround time to ensure the building is cleaned and repainted back to its original state.

Lead Removal Service Sydney – Experienced & Trained Staffs

Priority One Coatings has the experience, knowledge and trained employees to complete any Lead Removal job. Lead Removal is a specialist field and our employees are accredited and extensively trained to ensure a safe work environment and the job completed efficiently for our clients.
We have a step by step process of lead removal including a written certificate from the Waste Transfer Station to ensure the hazardous material is disposed of with care and attention.

strata painters sydney

 Strata Specialist

With over 27 years experience Priority One Coatings Painting and Decorating is the best choice for all your Strata painting needs. We have completed painting works on full exteriors, internal common areas, fireproof coatings, anti-graffiti coatings and line marking. We work closely with a Colour Consultant who can relieve the stress of finishes and colour choice.

Programmed Maintenance

We have a team of professional painters to attend to your painting and decorating needs via our regular programming of maintenance painting either monthly, bi-annually or on an as needs basis. The regular team of painters will assist your business in a prompt manner leaving your business in a clean and tidy manner with minimal disruption.

Texture Coatings – Textured Wall Paint – Textured Exterior Paint


Texture coatings

With over 27 years of experience, Priority One Coatings has been one of the best painting companies in Sydney for all your Texture Coating jobs. We work closely with a Color Consultant who can relieve the stress of finishes and colour choice. PRIORITY ONE COATINGS meets and exceeds industry standards at all stages of the coating process.
The company has the experience, knowledge and trained employees to complete any painting job, be it exterior or interior. Texture Coatings is a specialist field and our employees are extensively trained to ensure a quality job. PRIORITY ONE COATINGS undertakes projects in both commercial and residential fields with the one goal to provide an outstanding quality finish.
We provide a wide range of textured finishes to a variety of surface and provide free quotations and suggestion. So if you’re building a new house, redecorating your existing house or just adding an extension or a fence, let PRIORITY ONE COATINGS help your dream come true. We offer a regular programmed maintenance with a 24 hour turnaround time to ensure the building is cleaned and repainted back to its original state. We also provide the complete groundwork for the exterior being textured and surrounding surfaces to ensure there is no damage. We help you choose the custom colour that best suits your building’s exterior and interior surfaces. Our high-quality and long-lasting texture coatings ensure that you don’t need to coat the walls in the next few years.

Epoxy Floor Coatings – Epoxy Concrete Floor – Epoxy Floor Paint

Commertial painting

For commercial and industrial premises, epoxy floor coatings is the best solution for their old sealed concrete floors. The reasons being maintenance, chemical resistance, safety non-slip, hygiene, moisture blocking and appearance. In many warehouses, quality control depends on strict standards of cleanliness, especially in food preparation and health. Your existing flooring can be repaired and then re-coated using premium industrial grade 2-pack epoxy making cleaning and maintenance easy.
Our tradesmen are trained in a variety of floor coating systems that can be discussed the on-site visit. All of our Epoxies can be either sprayed or rolled on, depending on your work environments and circumstances. If your business needs to remain open, we have a flexible team who will work evenings, weekend, and during annual shutdowns to accommodate your needs. We employ skilled and dedicated tradesmen and equip them with the latest technology. We have provided industrial and commercial flooring solutions for the automotive, chemical processing, food and beverage, hospitals and other industries.