Monday, 23 November 2015

Why Should You Say No to Toxic Paint?

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Detoxing is a word we keep hearing a lot lately and it gets tossed around way too lightly. In fact, some of the very common kinds of stuff at our home and in our lives are filling our body with toxins at extraordinary new levels. Today we will precisely focus on the paints that contain detrimental toxic materials namely volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

VOCs And Their Harmful Effects 

VOCs include a vast variety of chemicals that having a low boiling point, evaporates at ordinary room temperature. VOCs not only evaporate but sublimate with the surrounding air, causing adverse health effects including eye irritation, dizziness, memory impairment, visual disorders and severe headaches. Long exposure to such volatile organic compounds may even cause cancer.

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Why Should We Opt For Non-toxic Paint? 

Using VOC free paint makes a huge difference not only for your health but also the environment. Paints containing VOCs engender the indoor air to be three times more polluted than the outside air. Colouring a wall with normal paint actually keeps emitting those VOC toxins into the air for years, it keeps leaking those toxins even after the paint smell vanishes.

Non-toxic paints have been developed due to new environmental regulations and customer demands. It contains low to Zero VOCs which are not harmful to human health. These new tech paints are cost-effective and have an everlasting durability. So, it's highly recommended that painting contractors in Sydney should start using non-toxic paints for their projects.

Benefits Of Zero Or Low VOC Paints  


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•    Health – People with chemical sensitivity and allergies are greatly benefited from such new tech developed products. Besides, it also provides protection from other adverse health effects resulting from VOC containing paints as mentioned above.
•    Effective – Low-VOC paints work well for scrubability and hide ability i.e. covering blemishes on past coats. It also has long-term durability and vast coverage capability.
•    Environment – Lessens landfill, groundwater and ozone exhausting containments.
•    Practically no hazardous fume – Painted areas can be covered at ease with no bad odour objections. Moreover, there is no off-gassing during or after application.
•    Easy after paint Clean-up – once the painting job is done, disposal and cleaning up is greatly simplified resulting from the absence of hazardous wastes.

These non-toxic paints are so eco-friendly that we could apply it on our face without having to worry about any kind of skin irritation or rashes. It can also be used to repaint bird cages and other pet houses. This is how we guarantee you about the superior care we can provide for our planet, our customers and all involved.

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