Wednesday, 17 December 2014

5 Brilliant Christmas Decorating Idea Website With Pictures

Another Christmas is knocking at the door and like many happy Australians, you might be working hard to decorate your home, buying gifts for beloved ones or stirring up cooking ideas to startle your guests and yourself!

It’s a fact that some of us might feel a bit stressed while choosing a particular home decoration plan even if it’s the best time of the year. Rather than suggesting some specific design, we feel that it’s better to refer a larger collection of design from online where you can easily choose your desired design. After doing some research we found 5 beautiful websites where you will get a large collection of Christmas Decorating Ideas.

Southern Living


southern living

We all know the famous adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Upon your first glance at this site, you’ll get a great impression for sure. If you click a particular image you will have a brief description explaining the decorating idea as well. There are 101 photos available so the chances are high that you’ll get the opportunity to pick the right one for yourself.

Fresh home


fresh home

This is another wonderful home decorating website where you will get 30 Christmas decorating ideas. The beauty of this site is that all images are crisp and of high quality ensuring happy viewing! Although there aren’t any descriptions included, the images are large and plenty so you don’t have to worry about that too much.




Throughout this holiday season, the Christmas tree contributes to bringing in the spark, which is what makes it worth decorating.  So decorate your Christmas tree with any of these amazing ideas.You will get a collection of 15 tree decoration ideas.




Being one of the leading image reservoirs, Pinterest provides a large collection of pictures. The fun part is anybody is allowed to share their ideas on this platform through images and short descriptions. This is done by creating boards on a specific subject. We found some nice Christmas Decorating Ideas on this site. Have a look here and you might find exactly what you are looking for. Pinterest never fails to surpass expectations!


Country Living


country living

You will get a nice collection of Festive Christmas Decorating Ideas with high-quality images. Although some of them are best suited for Christmas in the winter with the snow and everything, you can still find some which would be perfect for the summer weather as well. Although this site doesn’t have a large stock of photos, it’s all quality here.

It can be daunting to come up with your own painting and decorating ideas for your home. But still, you have an option to hire painting and decorating service provider to make your home look even better with a professional touch. If you’ve got a few strings to hold on to nudging your creativity in all the right directions, then it can be a really fun decorating your home, stunningly and beautifully!

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

5 Common Painting Problems Faced by Home Owners

There are a few common traits that can be found in a poorly executed paint job or a surface that is begging you for a repaint after many years. Whether it’s done by a professional or it’s a do-it-yourself job, rushing the work can be problematic and take years off the longevity of the work. Let’s take a look at the most common painting problems that can appear within a few months of a bad paint job.

If you’re seeing these signs after using a professional Sydney painting contractor, get on the phone and give them a spray! If they’re a respectable company they’ll likely have some kind of warranty period that you need to take advantage of.

1.    Running/Sagging Paint

Painting and Decorating Sydney


The first sign that the work has been done someone that isn’t all that experienced. Running paint can lead to wrinkling, dripping, patterns in the paint or a general uneven surface that is clear as day. It is common when a heavy paint has not been applied properly or the paint has been thinned excessively. It can also happen when the work has been done under unsuitable weather conditions including high humidity.

This should never be accepted if the work has been done by a professional, period.

2.    Blistering Paint

strata painting sydney

Pretty self-explanatory. Blistering paint refers to those bubbles and cracks that show up often within days of having the paint work completed.

The main cause is excessive moisture being exposed to the paint. Often it gets trapped under the surface of the paint and as it evaporates it forms a bubble, lifting the paint off the wall and becoming very noticeable. How does moisture get under the paint? The most common way this happens is painting when the wood is still damp and house moisture coming out through the walls (note: this will be a side effect of a poorly insulated house).

Professionals should be able to avoid this without any problems but if you’re painting yourself, try using acrylic paint. This actually allows some moisture to seeps through it without compromising the appearance of the work. It’s also a good idea to avoid painting in direct sunlight as this can cause the paint will dry too quickly and trap some of the vapour underneath.

3.    Alligator Paint

painting company sydney

This is more a long-term problem that happens with a paint job. It should be happening years after the surface has been painting and is a sign that it’s time to get the paint brush out again. The appearance of alligator paint is hideous to say the least and resembles the skin of a reptile, which is hardly how you want your wall to look.

As oil-based paints age, they eventually crack (literally). This is most common on surfaces where the wood is expanding and contracting a lot, such as doors, windows, etc. If this is happening within years of the surface being painted, it’s time to invest in a higher quality paint.

4.    Peeling Paint

painting contractors sydney

Another good sign it’s time for a repaint. The cause of this can again be moisture but it is usually the first clue that the house needs a bit of attention and love from either you or your painter. As well as being compromised by excessive moisture under the surface, peeling paint can also by the result of too many coats of paint being stacked on top of each other over the years.

5.   Chalking Paint

lead paint removal

Again, the most common cause of chalking paint is quite simply wear and tear. It’s not necessarily the fault of the painter, the quality of the paint or neglecting looking after the surface itself – it’s a part of the lifespan of the paint. When paint is exposed to the sun every day for 5+ years, the binder breaks away and the paint’s sheen disappears. This can result in a chalk-like, powdery substance on the paint that you’ll notice if you rub your hands across the surface.

It’s something completely natural and is difficult to avoid. The good news is it doesn’t look as ugly as some of the other problems we’ve discussed here.

Ultimately the best way to avoid these problems is to get a professional, even if it does cost you a little more than it would if you did it yourself. As they say, sometimes the most expensive paint job is the cheapest in the long run!

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Friday, 19 September 2014

6 Amazing Websites with Eye-catching Home Decorating Ideas

Even for professional painters and decorators, design ideas in the home usually come from inspiration and research. We see other interiors we love the look of and borrow from a few of these and possibly add our own unique twist. That’s why doing your homework is important before you choose to renovate, whether it’s a DIY job or you’re getting a commercial painting company to take care of it for you.

At Priority Coatings, we’re constantly researching and looking at new trends in interior style options – not just because we’re interested in the field, but because being in the know and developing fresh ideas helps us help our clients. Our excellent service has made our team of professionals the most trusted commercial painters in Sydney. Here are some of our favourite websites that we frequently visit for ideas and inspiration, we encourage you to take a look too!



Houzz has to be at the top of the list; there’s no shortage of great ideas for the home’s interior here. This covers a wide range of style options from the type of furniture and general d├ęcor, too (you guessed it) paint colour ideas and how to match them to create the proper feel you’re after. Browse interiors according to the room, budget and styles from contemporary to Midcentury to Tropical and even converse with other aspiring decorators about the best options. With excellent advice for just about every decorative style you can imagine, you simply have to check out Houzz. We guarantee you’ll find something you love that can inspire you no matter what your tastes are! The Ferrari of home decorating websites.

This particular website is the Pinterest (which is a great resource for home decorators within itself) of home decorating, with a similarly user-friendly layout that is optimised for quick, image-based browsing. This is a great site to skim over if you aren’t sure what style appeals to you yet. Quick and easy, the website is light on actual advice, but there are some really interesting and wonderful concepts that make it worth a look.


House Beautiful

house beautiful

A blog based website that neatly classifies relevant articles according to various categories including Organizing, Designer Tips, Makeovers, Cleaning Tips, Photo Galleries and more. This website can seem a little dense on the first visit but you’ll soon get your bearings and find what you’re looking for. Some really fun categories like Kitchen of the Month make this a winner and worthy of regular visits.


Interior Dec

Interior Dec

There’s something uniquely magazine-like about this particular website. The homepage feels like the cover of a Home magazine, but with more alluring article topics and tips to click on. Covers everything from bed frames to tips on looking after your pet. Relevant to any homeowner not only those passionate about decorating.


Hooked on Houses

Hooked on Houses

Another blog-based website with a slightly less-interactive layout than some of those aforementioned and more focused on a general interest that decoration. Although there some nice designer tips if you search hard enough.



As well as having a huge amount of info on rooms and interior decorating, HGTV also has a pretty handy gardening section. 

As you can see, the resources available in this day and age are countless and we’re sure there are other hidden gems out there that we haven’t even discovered yet! There are plenty of home decorating forums discussions and the like that provide excellent information – it’s all there you’ve just got to find it!

If there are other resources you like to use, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments as it’s likely we’ve missed some. Thanks for reading and good luck with your home painting and decorating project!

Monday, 8 September 2014

All About Epoxy Floor Coatings

Ultimately the purpose of flooring is to protect the lower surface of a dwelling. The type of covering that is used depends on the budget, purpose and practicality. Some examples of flooring material is carpet, wood covering, ceramic tiles, resilient flooring and chemical flooring.

What Are Chemical Floor Coatings?

Chemical flooring enables you to protect the floor surface by using some kind of paint. It is quite common in places that are exposed to harsh chemicals such as scientific laboratories, public toilet and others. It protects the surface from dampness and gives a shiny look. We should think about epoxy flooring pricing as this solution is expensive compared to the alternatives, it is probably the best option and prevents the floor from corrosion for a longer period of time.
epoxy floor coatings

What Do Floor Coatings Consist Of?

epoxy floor coatings sydney

A few good examples of industrial floor coatings are inorganic zinc, phosphate, and Xylan coatings. But most common floor coatings used in the industry is epoxy floor coatings. This is an end product of epoxy resins sometimes called as two part epoxy coatings which has a nature of sticking things together. Because it dries up quickly, it protects the floor surface with an excellent hardness. Another important property of epoxy floor coatings is its low volatility and water clean-up. They are super effective on open surfaces such as roofs which are exposed to sun and harsh climates. It also reduces exposure and flammability so it can be used on kitchen surfaces as well.

Industrial and commercial premises now highly demand for epoxy floor coating system. Because they have had enough of their old sealed concrete floors. The existing floors can be re-coated with epoxy floor paint and can leave the durable and lasting effect for both commercial and industrial flooring. 

How Do You Choose A Particular Floor Coating?

There are many brands available in the market. But what type of paint you buy depends on the need of client. If the surface where you want to paint is concrete floor then perhaps the best brand for that is Dulux. However always read the product description before you buy it. If you don’t understand which type of paint you need for your job then ask for a professional colour or paint specialist. 

floor coatings sydney

Do You Need A Painter For Floor Coatings?

Generally, if you don’t have much experience with floor coatings, it’s better, cheaper and healthier to get a professional painter to handle it for you. The most important thing to consider here is health. There are many toxic elements present in the paint and professional painters know how to deal with this. With years of experience and professionalism, painters know how to mix the paint in proper ratio. Usually floor coatings are quite expensive and having an expert apply adds only a marginal additional cost. It also gives you the peace of mind that the coatings are applied correctly, giving you much better value for money.

hire professional floor coating service

There are lot of reputed painting companies in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. When it comes to floor coating service, Priority One Coatings comes as Sydney's top epoxy floor coating company, with long reputation of providing effective advice and high quality service. 25 years’ experience means they have seen it all and can help you no matter what your requirements are!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Battling the Age-Old Problem of Graffiti Vandalism

Graffiti vandalism has been a common problem certain suburbs of Sydney and indeed all over the world. A hotspot of this type of crime is urban railway and transit systems, though it’s interesting to note the variations in graffiti in different cities.


In New York, graffiti has been a major problem, yet it is not nearly as much of an issue in San Francisco for example. This is also true for Australian cities as well. The rate of graffiti in Melbourne and Sydney is much higher compared to Perth, Adelaide or Canberra.

The Australian Institute of Criminology has conducted research into possible causes of graffiti vandalism. The study was actually funded by the New South Wales state rail way authority, which spends a huge amount every year to clean it up after graffiti vandals and other kinds of damage. For example, the cost of repairing damage due to vandalism and graffiti removal was $4.76 million in the year 1984-85. While it was many years ago, this demonstrates just how much of a negative effect it can have. Graffiti vandalism can also have the effect of causing delays in the train system, however the most tragic occurrence is injury or even death to those doing he graffiti; in 1986 4 young people were killed by trains while doing so.


So why would people graffiti if it has these kinds of effects? Research has found that Sydney graffitists come from a wide range of age group and family types. But the majority of them are young adolescents. Most are divided into small groups and geographic areas. Another common characteristic is the tendency of traveling frequently from one place to another. These vandals have low level of education and come from relatively large families.

A collector of Australian graffiti Rennie Ellis has described this as “The result of someone’s urge to say something, to comment, inform, entertain or simply confirm to his or her existence in this World.” Some other facts which is revealed by the Australian Institute of Criminology is:
  1. Sydney young people regard the removal of graffiti as relatively low priority compared with adults.
  2. Graffiti on trains is seen as a form of self-expression where graffitists believe they are creating public art.
  3. It is the fact that most people find graffiti to be offensive or even abhorrent that fuels the fire, so to speak. It is this that makes young people more determined to do it.
It is also suggested that some policy formulation is needed to stop graffiti vandalism. This includes cleaning graffiti as quickly as possible and taking action against graffiti when it does happen. At Priority Coatings, we are doing everything we can to battle the problem. So if you require graffiti removal services, contact us immediately!

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