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Step-by-Step Interior House Painting Tips from Priority One Coatings

Achieving the ownership of a house is never easy. Australian people are lucky in contrast with many developed countries because of a low house price to income ratio. Many young Australian have the good fortune to buy their dream home at a low rate. On the other hand, the size of the house is also increasing day by day.

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But, when it comes to the maintenance task landlords often hesitate to spend money. Sometimes they fail to realize that, the value of a property can fall dramatically if not maintained properly.

So, how to do the maintenance task? Hiring a professional painting company is the best option. But for those who have enough time and energy to do it by themselves, we are going to suggest some step by step house painting tips. We hope that by following this steps you can save a fair amount of maintenance cost.

Interior painting is a bit difficult then exterior painting because you have to plan properly beforehand. Below are some useful steps for a successful interior painting project :

1.Calculate Total Space


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Calculating the total area which you are going to paint is important because it will help you estimate the amount of paint and cost associated. This is simple. All you have to do is measure the width and height of the room with a tape measure and multiply them to calculate total area. There is various type of tape measure available to buy online.Take note of all the wall space separately because if you wish to use a different colour, this information will help you to buy the right volume of paint. 

2.Securing Furniture’s and Floor Area


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While doing the paint job, there is a chance that you will mess up with paints all over the room. How do you save your valuable furniture from this? Best option: move all the furniture in the backyard if possible. If you don't have that option, then you have to cover all the undesired areas.Use a drop cloth to cover the floor area. Make sure to use painters tape to attach the edges of drop cloths to secure the floor. Alternatively, you can use plastic drop sheet. This will be useful to cover large and heavy furniture. All the portable things, wall hangings should be removed.

3.Child Safety


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It is a fact that there are toxic elements in paints which can be harmful to human health especially children. If you have children or pregnant mother at your home then it’s always a good idea to send them somewhere else. Do not compromise health issues while painting at home. Another important thing is to choose water-based paint products. We will talk more about this later in the post.

4. Selecting the Paint Color and Brand


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Choice of colour varies person to person. Some people like deep colour some love light. Whatever colour you choose for your room, keep some basic points in mind. Those are:
  • Your Mood / Your Color Choice
  • Lighting of the Room
  • Color Terms
  • Size of the Room
  • Room Decoration
  • Color Combination with other Room
  • Follow the Color Wheel
  • Monochromatic Schemes
  • Variety of Paint Finishes
Although there might be a debate about which brand is better but make sure you buy low or zero VOC’s paint because it’s much more health friendly. Some famous paint brands are:



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This is the most interesting part. All your previous hard work will be paid off if you are a bit careful at this stage. Wear a protective mask and plastic gloves to cover head and hand. Follow the instruction written in the paint can for mix up. Use a large plastic bucket, paint brush and roller as per your need. Always follow a specific sequence. Painting from top to bottom is standard practice. Try to be consistent while rolling over the wall. Use paint application pads for cutting the edges. After the painting is done the first time, wait for at list 1 hour before final finishing touch. This will allow the walls to absorb the paint quickly and help to get a smooth finish. After all the painting task is done, use Paint Stripper/Remover to clean paints from undesired areas. Now you have to wait for the drying process. Wait for at list 8 to 16 hours.
As we mentioned previously, painting by yourself need a lot of energy and time. Although it can be fun as well. If you follow the instruction properly, not only it can save your cost but you will also get huge mental satisfaction as well. We wish you good luck for your interior painting project!

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