Tuesday, 17 June 2014

5 of The Most Distinctive Painting And Decorations Styles For Inspiration

When painting and decorating your home one of the hardest parts in achieving your goal is finding the inspiration to create a stunning finish. There are wealth of styles to choose from in the world of interior décor, so finding a style that suits the room you wish to paint is vital to achieving the desired look. Let us take a look at some of the most distinctive painting and décor from around the world to inspire your renovation.

The Traditional Classic Look

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If you have an older home, look for the original features and architecture to inspire your interior décor. Many older home features stunning wood work finishing on doorways and windows, so take advantage of your home existing features to bring out its natural character.

Choosing a traditional look for your interior painting and decorating doesn’t have to mean you will be bombarded with kitsch and tweed. Choose a subtle colour palate of richer hues and tones and the modern features of the average home will fit in nicely. Furnish your home with an eye for classic furniture pieces and you will be able to create a contemporary classic.

  Modern Minimal Chic

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The minimalist movement took over many household a few years back and it seems that there is no stopping it. This modern classic is a great choice for larger rooms in which traditional furniture pieces would seem a little out of place. The choice of colour doesn’t have to be white, as is most associated with a minimal interior, grey; beige and subtle blues and browns are becoming more and more popular.

Minimal doesn’t have to mean bare, so choose your furniture and other interior furnishings accordingly. Creating a focal point in one part of the room is a great way to make larger spaces feel more cosy, so adding a splash of colour such as a deep red to a single wall can have the effect of
warming the room and making it look less like a hospital.

  Warm And Homely Textures

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Nothing makes a house feel more homely and lived in than painting rooms with warm colours. Perfect for a house with a large happy family, creating living spaces that bring out the personality of its inhabitants can actually help to create a nice atmosphere around the home.

Use textures to bring out the best features in and around your home by pairing them with furniture pieces. Create a warm colour palate that suits the personality of your family and you will be able to create distinctive living quarters for parents and kids alike.

  Exteriors And Outside Decor

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Choosing to paint the exterior of your home has its benefits. You can not only bring out the character of your home, be it traditional, modern or one in a row of many. Exterior painting can be done by yourself or with the help of a professional painting services team.

Look for the traditional features of your home and allow them to stand out. Choose a two tone colour scheme that differs from other houses in your area to add a little more character to your property. With a professional painting service finish to your home, you may even be able to achieve a higher selling price in the future.

  Get Personal

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Nothing says more about the inhabitants of your home by the way it is painted. Whether you hold dinner parties, reunions or have guests staying on a regular basis, creating the atmosphere you desire around you home can be achieved with a lick of paint.

Your home is your castle and is, therefore, a reflection of you, so choose a colour palate that suits the type of property you have and doesn’t stand out too much from the surrounding houses in your neighbourhood. Making sure that you take the time to enlist the services of a local professional painter and decorator if you think the task is too big, and create a redecoration plan that may even inspire others to pick up a tin of paint and a brush.