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The Negative Effects of DIY Painting Projects

When you are your own artist; you know very well what is DIY Project. But when it comes to home painting and you are your own painting contractor then you better know all the possible negative effects as well.

This article is a guideline for you before you are up to your first DIY Project

We all love to do a spot of DIY, it helps us turn a house into a home that the family has played a part in creating. DIY can help giving your home a personalized touch and make it a much more comfortable place to live in. We have already discussed house painting tips in one of our previous articles. Not only that we also have another one taking your painting needs into considerations about how you can maintain the safety of your home while painting or even repainting.

Getting back to DIY, however, there are perils of decorating and some nasty substances to look out for. In most of these cases, only professional painters will know how to handle them, so keep your eye out for some of these nasty jobs that all DIY’s should avoid.

Lead Paint Removal


In many older homes, lead has been used in the construction to strengthen different parts of the houses. With the majority of lead found in roofing and piping, it is important that lead removal is done carefully and professionally as it can cause nasty side effects, even from just touching it.

Lead poisoning is the lethal outcome of being exposed to large quantities of lead in and around the home. The lead was once used in certain paints so if you suspect the under layers of your walls to be painted with lead paint, always wear a mask and consult a professional painting company who can steer you in the right direction.

Asbestos Removal

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Thankfully, the majority of people now know that asbestos can be a nasty substance that can cause all manner of horrible physical issues, if not handled with care. If you find that you have asbestos in your home, don’t just rip it out, call a professional who will be able to talk with you about its removal and replacement with a much safer substance. A professional will have all of the right safety gear to handle asbestos, as well as the correct training in handling and disposal of the substance.

Preparing The Substrate For Painting

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Depending on the material used as a substrate, you could do more damage than good if you do not fully prepare it for painting. Specialist paints are used for undercoats when painting over various different materials, so check which is the ideal paint before you start.

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Proper Preparation Of The Work

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Whilst you may want to just cover those walls in your favourite hue of paint, if you don’t take the correct preparation work into account, you may end up wasting time as well as money. Preparation work starts the moment you plan on painting or decorating your room, from removing wallpaper and old paint, to layering undercoats and choosing the right type of paint.

Call in a pro if you have any concerns or questions relating to preparation work, take everything into consideration and use your budget wisely to ensure that your new coat of paint lasts, protects the walls and most importantly, looks fabulous!

Get Help Picking A Colour

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Whilst choosing a colour may seem like a personal touch only you can truly decide. It may be worth the effort to get help picking a colour scheme for your home’s exterior paint, as well as your interior designs. Choosing the right colour can make or break the room you are decorating.

Many people choose the wrong shade of colour for their walls that can have some negative effects on how the room looks. Darker shades will make the room look smaller, whilst lighter colours will make the corners of the room disappear and help the room appear larger and brighter.

Save Time And Money

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Saving time and money is one of the biggest goals for any DIY project, so ensuring that you have a decent budget, a manageable project and the right sense of style to make it look great will set you well on your way. Many people hire a professional painter’s service to ensure that their decoration projects go well without a hitch.

Hiring a professional will ensure that you get that professional finish you’ve always wanted every time. Often if you calculate the effort, time and work hours put in, a professional painting company may offer you a cheaper option than to do it yourself.

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