Monday, 13 July 2015

Winter is the Perfect Time for Interior Painting

Traditionally it has always been said that it is a bad idea to paint your house in the winter time, concerns over whether the paint will dry, how long the drying process will take and of course anxiety over any harmful fumes being trapped inside because of closed doors, windows and poor ventilation have made people wary of painting in winter.

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However modern paints and painting practices are now challenging these preconceived ideas, with higher quality paints containing fewer harmful chemicals and the affordability of de-humidifiers to rent or purchase, these worries are a thing of the past.

Some may think that interior painting may not work during the cold season and are worried about complications due to the low temperature, but in reality the weather only really effects exterior painting because cold, wet weather makes exterior work almost impossible to complete. When it comes to the best season to paint, our past experience at Priority One Coatings says that clients usually chose winter season  for their interior painting projects. 

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Temperature and humidity are the primary factors that effect how well your paint is going to adhere to the walls being painted. Compared to warmer months, the humidity is usually lower in winter which helps the paint to dry faster. If you can start your painting early enough in the cooler season, you will get your painting done very quickly. 

If you’re feeling the lack of daylight hours this winter and the shorter days are getting you down, you may want to brighten up your home by giving your place a fresh coat of paint. A little bit of effort can give you the lift you need to get through winter and make you happy throughout the rest of the year! 

Painting interiors in the winter can actually be a fun task if you want to tackle the job yourself, but many home-owners may find it too time consuming and too big a work load to deal with. If you’re thinking of a fresh coat of paint but don’t want to DIY, an experienced painting contractor can help to get the job done easily even in winter.

You need not to wait for the summer to call us. Painting in autumn and winter can bring real and visible benefits to you. Save your time and money and give your home a fresh new look.