Monday, 8 August 2016

How To Confidently Choose Paint Colours For Your Living Room

Confused about choosing your living room colors all the time? Gets jealous when your friends or relatives have better room paintings? Well choosing room colors according to the exact characteristics of the room is easy.

And with Priority One Coatings, it's DEFINITELY easy!!

You may want to create a different mood of your room or your room may be placed in such an area where the paint colours don’t mix and match or you may say it doesn’t go with the flow.

But if you can first completely understand the space characteristics of your each room; you can make a great combination for the home as a whole and yes this will be the time for your friends and relatives to get jealous of you! 

Lets have a visual look on how colors can be chosen for specific characteristic of a room

When You Feel Your Room Is Darker:

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When Your Room Is Always Busy With Guests:

  choose colours for your living room

Want to get more coloring ideas? Don’t get dishearten; we have created an amazing painting infographic with different room characteristic ideas. The above two ideas are just part of our infographic. To see the full infographic click here.


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