Monday, 27 March 2017

Paint Colours That Are Taking Off In 2017

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It can be surprising how fast things go in and out of fashion; whether it’s clothing, hairstyles or decorative fashion trends. In many ways, paint colour trends are no different and every year we see new colours come into vogue and start to become popular.

Let’s take a look at some paint colours that you should keep in mind if you’re wanting to redecorate in 2017.

Earthy Mauve Green

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Green has also been seen as a risky colour when it comes to home interiors and can clash with a lot of other colours. But, when used appropriately, earth green hues can help give a room a certain sophistication, while also create a relaxed, calm feel. More often than not, it will combine well with other natural-type colours; browns, taupes, and light creams are a good starting point.


Pastel Pink

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By all accounts, pink bedrooms give off a bit of an old fashion vibe these days, but the look can certainly still be made to work with the right furniture and decorative features. Lending itself to something of a Victorian look, you’re best served by draping the room with various shades of pink and rose or red. Taupe and grey browns also make for interesting combinations. As well as creating a uniquely feminine atmosphere, pink is a great reflector of light that can keep a room bright and fun.


Dusted Yellow

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It can be an effective decorative strategy to contrast bright colours with quiet, muted shades such as grey or light brown. Yellows can be a great option if you’re trying to create this kind of feel when used sparingly around the room. Painting the trim and windows dusted yellow can bring otherwise dull grey and even cream walls alive, giving the eyes somewhere to go. We’d also recommend splashing yellow around in other parts of the room to balance it out - cushions or a table for example.


Mineral Grey 

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If you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to make a statement, mineral grey is a nice option. One thing we will say is that dark grey can be quite intense, so it’s important to choose the right room, furniture and even the right home for this kind of look. Combines well with maroon, but might be best tackled with the help of a colour consultant as it can be quite challenging to balance this one out. 

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